Most wanted plants

Adding some greenery maybe the easiest way to brighten up your home. If you agree, and are planning to Google houseplants, save yourselves the trouble. Here are the top 10 most-Googled houseplants. Search data from 2010 to 2020 was considered to weed out fads


Annual searches: 99.51 lakh

Its aroma is said to be able to reduce stress and even help you sleep

Aloe vera

Annual searches: 1.93 crore

Style and substance—it looks good and has medicinal properties

Snake plant

Annual searches: 72.94 lakh

Perfect for those without a green thumb—it can go weeks without being watered

Venus fly trap

Annual searches: 43.53 lakh

Capable of rapid movement—to catch insects. Has bright colours and exotic looks

Money tree

Annual searches: 53.43 lakh

Luck with leaves, or so they say. Flourishes if kept in the same spot

Fiddle-leaf fig

Annual searches: 45.25 lakh

The “decorative statement” can grow up to 10ft indoors, but is very high-maintenance

Jade plant

Annual searches: 44.23 lakh

Miniature, tree-like appearance adds to decorative appeal; resilient and lives long

Swiss cheese plant

Annual searches: 40.40 lakh

A climber—providing something to cling on to can lead to beautiful displays

Peace lily

Annual searches: 56.33 lakh

Low-maintenance and said to be particularly good at cleaning air

Spider plant

Annual searches: 39.89 lakh

Suitable for a hanging basket. Said to be effective air purifiers, in large numbers

Note: Some of the plants mentioned are poisonous to pets

Text: Karthik Ravindranath/ Source (statistics): Flowercard