Content is king, irrespective of whether it is film or web show: Mithila Palkar

Mithila Palkar, actor

Mithila Palkar | Prabhat Shetty/The Man Mithila Palkar | Prabhat Shetty/The Man

Mithila Palkar will be seen next in the Netflix original Chopsticks. The film, set in Mumbai, is about the relationship of a seasoned conman, Artist, and a talented but shy girl, Nirma.

How did Chopsticks happen?

Sometime around last August, Sachin Yardi, the writer and director, sent me the script. I read and really enjoyed it. It is funny, emotional and tragic—all rolled into one. I could totally picture myself playing the role [of Nirma] on-screen. The story stood out for me. I have always mentioned that content is king, irrespective of whether it is a film, web show, or anything else. Secondly, it is a character that I have never played before. She is completely unlike me. It was exciting to be playing a new person.

You have acted in plays, a few memorable web shows, and now, films. How would you describe the transition from one platform to another?

Acting in front of the camera and acting on stage are two different things. Theatre really keeps you rooted. It is like a machine, which you have to keep well-oiled. You have to constantly keep rehearsing, and dedicate a lot of time, energy and effort. Live performances are liberating on a different level. I can’t explain in words what it means to be on stage, and deliver your dialogue in front of so many people. Films and web shows are not very different [in terms of technique]. You would be acting in front of the camera for both; only the duration differs. People say that web shows probably take less time, but it is not like that. I shot Karwaan way faster than I shot the second season of Little Things. A lot depends on where you are shooting, the logistics and the people.

As you are increasingly acting in films and web shows, has theatre taken a back seat?

I am doing a play, Dekh Behen, with Akarsh’s (Khurana, also the director of Karwaan) Akvarious Productions. It opened last February. I get to keep my theatre bug alive with its shows. I would like to do as many films, web shows and ads as I can, but also balance them in a way that I get to work in theatre for as long as possible.

What is the one thing that you don’t like about the entertainment industry?

That you have to dress up and wear makeup. That you are not allowed to go out in pyjamas to your friends’ [place]. There are many of those instances. I enjoy it for what it is, honestly, but a little heads-up would help. [laughs.