My energy set me apart from others: Mr Supranational Prathamesh Maulingkar

Prathamesh Maulingkar, model

73-Prathamesh-Maulingkar Prathamesh Maulingkar | Raj Chaturvedi

How does it feel to beat some of the best male models in the world to win the Mr Supranational title?

It [was] amazing. There was so much competition around and [I had] to make sure [I gave my] best all the time. It was tough but fun. I think my USP was my energy that set me apart from the others.

Do you think we have an overdose of beauty pageants in India? What do you propose to do over the next one year?

I do not think it is an overdose at all because it gives you a great platform to represent your country at the international level. And helps women and men to be successful in their lives. As I am extremely passionate about the environment, I am hoping to raise awareness about the devastating effects of plastic pollution.

You were a footballer who became a model. What are the similarities and the differences between the two professions?

Being disciplined and punctual. The difference is that modelling requires you to look good all the time!

Is it tough to be a ‘sex object’, as male models are often seen? How do you handle it?

I smile my way out of it! (Laughs.)

What are your favourite pastimes other than football, music and working out?

Going free-diving and playing PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

What are your long-term plans?

I am a fitness freak and love gymming. I own a gym in Goa and want to start a chain of gyms across the country.

What advice would you give young Indian men who aspire to become models?

I would say, do what you love and do it with your heart. But yes, modelling is a risky industry especially for men, so do not take it as your first profession. Make sure you have a strong backup option.