'They gave shape to my childhood dream': Alia Bhatt on being a Dharma debutante

Karan, the friend and the producer, thinks from the heart, says Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt | PTI

Q You were very young when you made your debut with Dharma Productions, in Student of the Year (2012). What was the experience like for the teenage you?

A Karan is such a brilliant director and a cinematic genius. He has taken Yash [Johar] uncle’s legacy and created a phenomenon out of Dharma Productions. For me, debuting with Dharma was going to a school, an institution, which laid out a very solid foundation in the world of cinema. It gave me more than I could ever imagine or ask for.

Q What does it mean to be a Dharma debutante?

A I just feel an amount of gratitude that I don’t think I can put into words. They gave shape to my childhood dream, and nothing can be more special.

Q Now that you have been acting for 12 years, and have worked with many other major production houses, how do you think Dharma stands out? What makes it unique?

A Dharma is current and relevant, yet classic and timeless. It has produced such iconic films, such iconic characters that we have loved and adored over the years. And they continue to set new benchmarks with everything they create, whether with film, digital series and ads. Dharma is at the front and centre of everything that’s related to entertainment and content.

Q You have maintained a close friendship with Karan. How different is he as a producer and as a friend?

A Karan, the friend, thinks from his heart. Karan, the producer, also eventually thinks from his heart (laughs).

Q What professional advice do you seek from Karan?

A How to be a jack of all trades and master of many! As a director, producer, host, writer and, of course, a fashion force, there is nothing that he cannot do with the level of attention, dedication and perfection that he puts into everything.

Q What personal advice do you seek from him?

A Whenever I am torn—like when my head says something but my heart says something else—I always go to him. And he just reinforces what my heart says. Basically, he is very intuitive and instinctive.