'Gym for looking good, but yoga offers more than that': Sakshi Pradhan

Pradhan practises yoga at least four days a week


I have been doing yoga from a young age. I have followed in my father’s footsteps. As a child I used to see him practise yoga every day. Gym, for me, is for looking good, but yoga offers more than that. It gives you emotional balance and spiritual growth. Yoga asanas can improve the efficiency of lungs and make you healthier and happier. No matter how busy I am, I practise yoga at least four days a week.

When the national lockdown was announced I was trapped in Goa. But yoga gave me so much relief. I used to practise it daily on a beach. Over the years, yoga has helped me connect deeper with myself. It has helped me tide over crises. When you do yoga on a daily basis, your endurance levels increase.

Yoga could have come from Hinduism, but it is wrong to club yoga with one religion. So many of my Christian and Muslim friends do yoga.

These days I am persuading my mother to do yoga. I am telling her about the health benefits of yoga, and how it strengthens our bones as we grow old. Bollywood is a stressful industry, and it would help us to do yoga regularly and shed all the negative energy that surrounds us.

Pradhan is an actor.