'I am taking yoga across Mumbai': BJP corporator Makarand Narwekar

Yoga is not physically strenuous, he said


Yoga is not physically strenuous. Even senior citizens can do these simple exercises and it helps us in so many ways. Our foundation―My Dream Colaba Foundation―has been conducting yoga classes across south Mumbai. We have, with the help of the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), set up yoga centres in 15 government gardens. Here, people can do yoga in between their morning walk. We have people from all segments and cultures doing yoga at these centres. In one of the parks, near the Colaba post office, many Christians come and attend yoga classes. We provide yoga instructors who help and motivate people. The foundation is run by me and a few others, consisting of lawyers and doctors.

Yoga needs to become a way of life. My aim, through the foundation, is to take yoga across Mumbai, for it to benefit every Mumbaikar. There is so much that yoga offers that many of us do not even realise.

Narwekar is a BJP corporator.