'We are spoiling the planet just for sake of convenience': Media professional Sonika Bhasin

Her journey in sustainability began after the birth of her son


Sonika Bhasin

media professional, Mumbai

Sonika Bhasin’s journey in sustainability began after the birth of her son, when she started using cloth diapers and learnt the problems caused by disposable ones. She realised that waste is a massive issue in India and that we are all contributing to it. She stopped using anything disposable, whether cotton balls or paper towels. She then started composting at home and recycling the dry waste. No waste went to the landfill. She also started buying everything package-free and shopping only from sustainable brands for home care and personal care products.

The change I would like to see

The main change I wish to see is that sustainability become more mainstream. I hope more people take up sustainable living, reduce packaging and stop using single-use products. We are spoiling the environment and the planet just for the sake of convenience. The government and big corporations need to do more. Individuals cannot do much in terms of policy to reduce carbon emissions. Recently, a plastic ban was imposed, but it is sad to see that it has not been enforced. Single-use plastic is still being widely used.

As told to Sumitra Nair