'Want to change culture of unkind behaviour at workplaces': Podcaster Cardoz

She discusses acts of kindness in her podcasts


Tenaz Shanice Cardoz

podcaster, Mumbai

Tenaz Shanice Cardoz gets people to talk about small acts of kindness in her monthly podcasts. Now, she also conducts a monthly “group hug” activity, where strangers come together to share something that has been bothering them, in five minutes or less. They are encouraged to tell about the kind of kindness that they are looking for. Cardoz essentially wants to bring about a change in the way people interact with each other. She also began ‘Kind Hearts Brigade’ in November 2020, where she shares stories of kindness on social media.

The change I would like to see

There is a common notion that you need to be ruthless to get ahead, which is untrue; you can get ahead with kindness, too. This ranges right from the way we talk with each other in the lift or the way we interact with our friends and family to even the way we speak to our colleagues at work. I have realised how small acts of kindness have impacted micro-communities. My goal is to bring about a change in this culture of unkind behaviour at workplaces. I aim to design workshops which enable people to be kinder within their professional networks. I also want to ensure this in our everyday lives, and I am working on developing interactive products which will enable this.

As told to Akanki Sharma