A daughter's diary: Instagram posts on Pele by his daughter Kely

Kely Nascimento has been the family's spokesperson during Pele's illness


Oct 23, 2020

Happy birthday. Infinite Love. Infinite Missing. #happyplace

Nov 20, 2020

Today is her day! Happy Birthday Grandma Celeste! Our Warrior Matriarch!!

March 3, 2021

Our boy is advertising Vaccinated!! (Pelé getting Covid-19 vaccine)

June 18, 2021

#Repost @Pele Every time I see this boy, he is smiling. It's impossible not to smile back. It is contagious. I, like all Brazilians, am always happy when I see him playing soccer.

Today, he took another step towards my goalscoring record for the Seleção. And I'm rooting for him to get there, with the same joy I've had since I saw him play for the first time. (Pelé on Neymar)

Sept 18, 2021

Hi friends, I don't know what is going on with the rumors out there but my DMs are booming!!! This photo was taken just now. He is recovering well and within normal range. I promise....

Sept 19, 2021

Insta fam, I saw that you liked the updates. So here's the update for 9/18/21. (Pelé doing physiotherapy at the hospital)

Sept 21, 2021

Watching the Queen do Queen things. Brazil v Argentina, Football = remedy. #futebolfeminino #marta #jogobonito (Pelé watching Marta, widely considered the greatest women's player of all time)

Sept 24, 2021

Teaching me how to play tranca (a card game). I'm getting slaughtered. He insists I have to give him all of my face cards and wanted to take photos of my confusion. The last few days we took several steps forward.

Sept 27, 2021

...The person who was here before I arrived to take over night shifts, the person who had already slept on this couch for 20 nights... that I can never thank enough, no matter how hard I try, is Márcia Aioki, wife extraordinaire....

Sept 28, 2021

Look who dyed his hair today so he can look even more handsome when he gets out of here! Here with the super nurse Henrique who takes care of us at night.

Oct 23, 2021

Circa 2003 With my brothers and my daughters. #happybirthday #felizaniversario (posted on Pelé's 81st birthday)

Oct 24, 2021

Happy birthday to the guy who said: “Alright, you can have it, but I don't want a dog in the house!!”

Picking passion fruit with Tutu (grandson) in 2014.

Dec 9, 2021

Insta Family!! My networks are blowing up again and I appreciate all the love.... This photo was taken 10 minutes ago at @hosp_einstein (Hospital Israelita A. Einstein), where my dad finished a procedure. My sister is caressing him for me! This was not a surprise. It was already scheduled and part of the treatment.

Feb 11, 2022

FaceTimed you guys to take a picture. He sends a hug. The stains you're seeing on his face are from oral chemo. Skin will be back in a few months. We really appreciate all the affection and concern!

Nov 20, 2022

November 20th; my Grandma Celeste turned 100. (Old photo with Pele)

Dec 18, 2022

Foot rubs and [football] on TV. Come on Messi!! Go DiMaria!

Dec 19, 2022

Last week my dad received this painting from @buenocaos (Luis Bueno) from the Pele Kisser series!! LOVE and probably gonna steal it!

Dec 24, 2022

Here we go, in the fight and in faith. One more night together.

Dec 26, 2022

We always have a lot to be thankful for, even spending Christmas in the hospital we are aware of the privilege it is to be in a hospital like @hosp_einstein. To see our dad being treated by these professionals, super competent and extremely caring. Not a moment goes by that we forget this privilege. Even in sadness we can only be thankful.

Dec 29, 2022

Everything we are is thanks to you. We love you infinitely. Rest in peace.