People-first approach

65-Biren-Singh N. Biren Singh | Salil Bera

I knew I would become Covid-19 positive one day or the other, as I was in the thick of things. I opened the state-level Covid control room in the chief minister's secretariat itself so that I could personally supervise operations round-the-clock. Of course, I was worried, but, as the head of the government, I cannot shirk my duties. So, when I tested positive, I took precautions to avoid any contact, even with family.

Though I felt a little weak after recovering from Covid-19, I went straight back to work. It was a challenging situation. But I have to think of my people first and I had little time for my own problems.

[Now,] we have been able to successfully carry out the vaccination drive. The state had already begun preparations for it under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, long before the vaccines were approved.

Singh is chief minister, Manipur.

As told to Rabi Banerjee