Community has united to help us

Xiao Cuiting, 36, opera singer, Wuhan

Xiao Cuiting Xiao Cuiting

I work for the Hubei Performing Arts Group. My sister, Xiao Qiaoting, is an actress. We have been in quarantine for more than 50 days. Wuhan is still under lockdown. Before the lockdown, we had planned to go to Hunan, our home. Our life has not changed much in isolation. The community has united to help us buy daily necessities and medicines. A few supermarkets remain open to serve the community. The government ensures that there are enough medical staff, policemen and volunteers to help us. We are getting paid, though we are not working. But there is a shortage of masks. The number of Covid-19 patients in Wuhan is coming down. We get all the updates on cellphones. My sister and I regularly upload videos on social media. I sing, and my sister records it. Our songs express the determination of people in Wuhan, and people have responded positively.