Will give BJP a run for its money

Interview/ Kumari Selja, president, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee

46-Kumari-Selja Kumari Selja

Q/ How is the Congress placed in Haryana?

A/ Things are going to be the opposite of what we faced a few months ago. Our workers are confident. The situation on the ground is not what is projected by the BJP. They have done the yatra and they think they have got it all under their belt. But the reality is that people are demanding answers. Five years ago they promised a host of things and they have not delivered.

Q/ What has changed since the Lok Sabha polls?

A/ In the Lok Sabha polls, people say, ‘ye to upar ka chunav hai [this is a high-level election]’. But when it comes to state polls, they get more deeply involved since it concerns their day-to-day life. The economic slowdown is translating into hardship for the common man. Things are much closer home now.

Q/ The Congress campaign got delayed because of infighting.

A/ All five years, the party was active. Everybody was carrying out programmes. A change has taken place in the organisation now, which was a bit of a challenge. In the short time we have, as soon as I was appointed, we covered the whole state.

Q/ Will the Congress forge an alliance in Haryana?

A/ The Congress will contest on its own. Which regional forces can the Congress ally with? They are themselves splitting and struggling to find a foothold. In politics, one plus one does not always make two.

Q/ How confident are you of the Congress forming the next government?

A/ We will give the BJP a run for its money, not in literal terms though. We cannot compete with them over finances. But people are with us.