FBI busts wicked restaurant worker who urinated in pickle, rubbed genitals on food before serving to customers

Jace Christian Hanson of Kansas posted videos of these heinous acts online

Jace Christian Hanson worked at the steakhouse in Kansas for about a month and contaminated the food items 20 times Jace Christian Hanson worked at the steakhouse in Kansas for about a month and contaminated the food items 20 times | Twitter

A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) tip-off resulted in Kansas Police picking up a 21-year-old restaurant employee who reportedly committed wicked acts to contaminate food served to his customers. According to media reports, police confirmed that the accused used to urinate in pickles, rub his genitals on salmon and put lettuce inside his pants, among other sickening acts before serving them to customers. Other videos reportedly showed him pressing food items against his buttocks and spitting on it.

The accused was identified as Kansas-native Jace Christian Hanson, who worked at a famous steakhouse named Hereford House. Hanson worked at the Leawood-based establishment for about a month before being arrested by the cops, reports said. A steakhouse is an eatery that specializes in steaks and chops.

Jace Christian Hanson was busted after he posted some of his heinous acts online, which was noticed by the FBI wing monitoring intentional food contamination at eateries, the New York Post said in a report. Once the identity of the accused was confirmed the central agency tipped off the local police.

The police said that Jace Christian Hanson confessed to having committed the wicked acts. He said the ideas were received from people he met on dating apps and fetish sites. He committed certain acts based on "special requests" made by such people, NYPost quoted the police as saying.  Grindr, Sniffy’s and Scruff were among the sites mentioned by the accused who said further communication with them happened via SnapChat.

After the FBI agents identified the profile used by Hanson to upload his acts on thisvid.com, they reached out to a phone number they believed belonged to him. The signal was tracked to the Hereford House parking lot, where they found a vehicle registered in his name.

The cops reportedly got in touch with the restaurant’s owner and the head chef, who recognized their employee from one of the thumbnail photographs. Hanson's shift was going on when the team reached Leawood and he was wearing the shoes that were seen in at least three of the sadistic videos posted from the profile.  When interrogated, the man admitted to having committed such foul acts at least 20 times.

Hanson was arrested and booked on felony charges of criminal threat, which can carry a prison sentence up to 13 months and a fine of up to $100,000, the news report added.

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