Indian-origin doctor ‘intentionally’ drove his Tesla off cliff with family in California | New revelations

Dr Dharmesh Patel is charged with three counts of attempted murder

Indian origin doctor drove off cliff Dr Dharmesh Patel along with his family. Patel was is currently in prison charged with three counts attempted murder | X

The Indian-origin doctor, who was alleged of intentionally driving his Tesla off a cliff in California along with his wife and children in the car, was experiencing psychotic episodes. 

Two psychologists testified in the case against Dr Dharmesh Patel, a Pasadena radiologist, who is charged with three counts of attempted murder.

The incident occurred in January last year when Patel drove his Tesla off California's Devil's Slide Cliff with his wife and two children inside. The family survived despite the 250-foot fall and was being treated at a hospital. The children were four and nine years old then. 

Patel was arrested for intentionally driving his car off the cliff after he was discharged from the hospital. Even the investigators back then concluded that the incident was an "intentional act". 

The psychologists, who testified in the case, said that Patel feared that his children would be sex trafficked. 

Mark Patterson, one of the psychologists called by Patel's attorney told the court that he was "paranoid and kind of delusional thinking he acted on at the time to protect his family from a worse fate," Mail Online reported.

"He was concerned that his children were at risk of being kidnapped, possibly for sexual molestation... There were concerns surrounding the explosion of fentanyl in this country and the war in Ukraine," Patterson further said.

Patterson and James Armontrout were the two psychologists who testified for Patel's defence.

Interestingly, Neha Patel, 41, had earlier said that her husband had told her that he was depressed and would drive the car off the cliff. 

Patel had pleaded not guilty to the three counts of murder and is attempting to seek mental health as a diversion in the case. 

However, the prosecutors argued that their doctor found Patel was suffering from a depressive disorder called 'schizoaffective' and was not one with a psychotic feature. 

The case will return to court on May 2, when San Mateo County prosecutors are expected to call their witnesses.

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