Family of hostage released claims she was treated on by vet in Hamas custody

Mia Schem’s appeal video was released by Hamas last month

Israel Hamas Hostage situation Mia Schem, 21, who was released Thursday by Hamas | AP

The family of French-Israeli woman Mia Schem, who was released by Hamas on Thursday, claimed that a veterinarian had performed surgery on Mia. Mia, 21, was taken as a hostage by Hamas on October 7 while she was attending a music festival.

While talking to the reporters, Schem's family said that Schem was treated by a Palestinian veterinarian.

“She underwent trauma. She’s thin, she’s weak,” said Vivian Hadar after her niece was released on Thursday, reported The Times of Israel.

“A veterinarian operated on her arm. She did physical therapy for herself,” she added. She also said that they are happy she is with them. “It's really tough to see her like this,” added Hadar.

While Mia was held by Hamas, a video was released by the militant group showing her appeal for her quick release. After her video was released, Mia’s mother Keren had came to the forefront appealing the world powers to make efforts to release her daughter.

Her mother had said that she was taken hostage from Reim kibbutz, where she was attending the Supernova festival.

In the video, Mia was seen with her arm wrapped with bandages and asking to be returned to her family. During the attacks, she got shot on the arm and had to underwent surgery. In the hostage video, Mia was seen being treated by an unidentified medical worker.

French President Emmanual Macron also expressed joy as soon as Mia was released. "Mia Schem is free. It is great joy that I share with this family and all French people," he said.

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