Adam Britton, a crocodile expert admitted to bestiality and said he raped 40 dogs

He would torture the canines, including his pets Ursa and Bolt

adam_britton Adam Britton | Twitter

Adam Britton, a married zoologist and a crocodile expert, admitted to raping and killing dogs, filming his acts on camera and posting them online. According to a BBC report, Britton, who has worked with BBC and National Geographic, told an Australian court that he tortured dozens of dogs until they died.

He also said that accessing child abuse material is among the 60 charges he faces and he is yet to be sentenced. The judge hearing the case reportedly warned people to leave the courtroom since the details of his crimes were too graphic and could cause "nervous shock".

He would torture the canines, including his pets Ursa and Bolt, after luring the owners to hand them over to his animal shelter. He would get in touch with people who were giving their pets away due to work or travel commitments and when the owners would ask about the welfare of their pets, he would spin a false narrative. 51-year-old Britton began offending in 2014 and called the dogs f*** toys. 

Britton, who once hosted legendary broadcaster David Attenborough at his home was arrested in April 2022. Britton has pleaded guilty to 47 counts of animal cruelty. He will be sentenced in December.

Britton's wife Erin, a wildlife ranger, was unaware of her husband's disturbing acts and has since reportedly changed her surname. 

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