Mistrust about Pakistan has grown among Indians, says Pew study

Mistrust about Pakistan among Indians have grown up in the past two years


Mistrust about Pakistan among Indians have grown up in the past two years, according to the latest Pew Research Center survey. 60 per cent of Indians have named Pakistan as their biggest threat, up from the 45 per cent who said the same in 2014. Conflict between New Delhi and Islamabad after India withdrew the Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir is perceived as a major cause for this fall in trust.

Pew Research shows that the United States enjoys confidence of people in many countries around the world.

Among the countries surveyed, Israelis are the most likely to name the US as a reliable partner (82 per cent). Just around 2 per cent of Israelis have named any other country as a reliable partner. The Jewish state has vastly deepened and improved its relationship with the US under the Trump administration. Israelis perceive Iran (58 per cent) as the greatest threat to their country.

People in countries like South Korea (71 per cent), the Philippines (64 per cent) and Japan (63 per cent) have found Washington as their most dependable ally.

The surveys done in 17 countries also prove that a substantial shares of people in some countries perceive Washington as their greatest threat. Turkey (46 per cent), Argentina (40 per cent), Brazil (18 per cent), Nigeria (14 per cent) and Tunisia (12 per cent) see the US as a threat.

Countries have begun to see China as a rising economic power and notice its growing power in the world stage.

The surveys have established that Mexicans have lost confidence in President Trump since he declared his intention to build a wall along the international border that separates the two nations. Mexicans (56 per cent) see the US is the greatest threat to their country, while 27 per cent say the US as their most reliable ally.

No country surveyed has named North Korea as the top threat, a major shift from the last year's survey. In Japan, 20 per cent of the people see North Korea as a threat, far below that of China's (50per cent)

For people in the US, North Korea is the third biggest threat country, followed by Russia (24 per cent) and China (24 per cent).

South Korea's 32 per cent people see China as their threat, much above Japan (23per cent) and North Korea (21per cent). Kenyans have said Somalia (26per cent) is the top threat facing their country.