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10 Steps to Clean and Lube Motorcycle Chain


When it comes to taking proper care of your motorcycle and maintaining it, the chain is one of the crucial parts. By following this 10-step process, you can keep chain wear at bay and ensure your bike performs well and has a longer life.

Keep these things handy:

Chain cleaner, waste cloth or old rag, hard bristle brush to clean the chain and soft bristle brush, plastic sheet to mask, chain lube or oil

Step 1 :   To determine if your motorcycle is still riding well or it’s time to clean the chain, you must first ride it for a good 10-15 minutes.

Step 2 : Post the ride, ensure you park the bike well and check for any external damage or repairs as well.

Step 3 : Next, you can proceed to mask the tyre and the rear wheel of the bike.

Step 4 : Then, you can   spray a chain cleaner after shaking it thoroughly.

Step 5: Take a waste cloth or rag and begin by cleaning away all the grime on the bike.

Step 6 : Keep the chain cleaner handy as you may feel the need to spray it again.

Step 7 : Once you have masked and cleaned, wipe the chain dry using the rag.

Step 8: After you have cleaned the chain, the next thing to start immediately would be the lubrication process for the bike chain.

Step 9: Remember to lubricate your bike chain at night too.

Step 10: Once the chain has been lubricated thoroughly, feel free to wipe off the excess lubricant on your bike.

Why is it crucial to maintain your bike?

Taking constant care to clean and lubricate your bike will help maintain your bike in good shape. That, in turn, can ensure that your premium amount doesn’t get too high during your insurance renewal, and if you haven’t made any claims in the current insurance year, then you can enquire about the added two wheeler insurance benefits as well.

Why is Bike or Motorcycle Insurance important?

As per Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, third-party bike insurance is mandatory for each bike owner. However, you can always opt for extensive coverage for your motorcycles with comprehensive bike insurance. A bike insurance plan takes care of unforeseen accidental damages and losses incurred by your motorcycle. Moreover, it keeps you away from penalties associated with riding without active bike insurance. As mentioned earlier, if you keep your bike in good condition and service it regularly, your bike insurance renewal premium will not be very high.

In addition to accidental damage coverage, one needs to be mindful of traffic rules while driving on the road. If you jump the traffic signal or do not wear helmets, you shall be penalised as per motor vehicle act and receive a traffic e challan on your phone in the form of SMS. Electronic traffic challan or e-challan can be issued in two ways:

1.  When traffic police holds a vehicle for violating the rules

2.  When the traffic surveillance cameras or speed sensors detect violations such as jumping red lights or over-speeding

Since only some cities in India have automated systems for issuing online traffic challans at present, traffic police personnel in other cities do the same through internet-enabled applications that are connected to the RTO database. So to avoid all these it is advisable you should not only insure your bike but also follow traffic rules.