‘If TN BJP had used Khushbu’s mass appeal, results would have been different’

BJP in Tamil Nadu doesn’t have any coordination, says Annand Kumaar

PTI13-10-2020_000094A Khushbu Sundar | PTI

Results of the recently held Lok Sabha elections have led to internal rumblings in the BJP in Tamil Nadu where the party failed to open its account despite a vigorous campaign led by state unit president K. Annamalai.

A war of words and mudslinging are on especially between the supporters of Annamalai and senior leader Tamilisai Soundararajan on social media, with both the camps blaming each other for the party’s loss, prompting the central leadership to step in and seek a report from the state unit.

While Annamala’s ‘miscalculated’ strategies and his unilateral decision not to ally with the AIADMK were cited by many of the party workers as the major reasons for its dismal show in the polls, a few others have raised concerns over several party leaders, including actor-turned-politician Khushbu Sundar, being sidelined.

Bollywood director and BJP sympathizer Annand Kumaar says if Annamalai had taken Khushbu on board during the polls, the entire dynamic would have been different in Tamil Nadu.

“BJP in Tamil Nadu doesn’t have any coordination. One man army doesn’t work in politics, (especially) when you are so new. May be vote share has gone up, that’s all okay. But you couldn’t manage. Kerala, a small state, could manage (to win) one seat. But, Annamalai couldn’t do anything, literally,” Kumaar told THE WEEK.

Kumaar wondered why the state BJP chose not to use Khushbu’s huge popularity and why the actor was not invited to the events attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP President J.P. Nadda in Tamil Nadu.

“Despite being so popular and a huge star, she was not even used for (party’s) promotion, forget calling her for the meetings and interviews…,” he said.

Earlier, in a post on X, Kumar had lamented that Khushbhu’s potential remained largely untapped within the ranks of the BJP due to the internal political dynamics.

“The time is ripe for Khushbu to be entrusted with greater responsibility in Tamil Nadu’s political landscape. The BJP’s inability to establish effective coordination and unity has been a significant barrier to its success,” he said.

Kumar added that Khushbhu’s extensive public appeal and her ability to connect with a wide demographic offer a unique opportunity to transform the BJP’s fortunes in the state.

Meanwhile, several right-wing leaders have come out questioning the functioning style of Annamalai. Kalyan Raman, the BJP state intellectual cell in-charge, said in a post on X that there is no scope for internal discussions in the party. He also challenged Annamalai for a public debate.

“Belittling elders and seniors was a methodology adopted by the Annamalai Warroom which was never BJP Warroom to show to top leadership that he alone was efficient and rest are not, a nonsense of Annamalai of top order,” his post read.


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