Girl student's murder: Fayaz's parents apologise to Neha's family

The accused's mother said Fayaz was in love with Neha

PTI04_19_2024_000262A ABVP activists during their protest against the killing of BVB College student Neha Hiremath, in Hubballi | PTI

Amid 'love jihad' allegations, the parents of a 23-year-old Fayaz, accused of killing Neha Hiremath inside a college campus in Karnataka's Hubballi, have apologised to the victim's family. They said their son deserved strict punishment for the crime. 

Their statement comes amid a political slugfest over the 'love jihad' allegations. The incident that occurred on April 18 has also triggered widespread protests all over the state.

Neha was the daughter of a Congress councillor and a student at BVB College in Hubbali.

According to Fayaz's father Baba Saheb Subani, a school teacher, they came to know about the incident around 6 pm on Thursday and were completely shocked and shattered by his son's act. "He (Fayaz) should be punished in a way that no one dares to do such a thing in future. With folded arms, I apologise to Neha's family members. She was like my daughter," he said with teary eyes. 

Subani said he was separated from Fayaz's mother for the past six years and his son would call him whenever he needed money. He last spoke to his son about three months ago. 

He also recalled Neha's father calling him to inform him that Fayaz was troubling her. He said Fayaz and Neha loved each other and were in a relationship. Fayaz told me he wanted to marry her but I refused it by folding my hands. "I request the people of Karnataka to forgive me. My son has done wrong. He will be punished by the law of the land and I  welcome it. My town has got a black mark because of my son. People of Munavalli (Fayaz's hometown) please forgive me. You raised us. Please forgive me," he cried with folded hands. 

Fayaz's mother Mamtaz too apologised to Neha's family for her son's act. "I apologise to the people of Karnataka as well as Neha's family for what my son has done. It is a great injustice to Neha and her family. What my son has done is completely wrong and we hang our heads in shame. What he did is a big mistake and he should be given strict punishment as per the law of the land," she said.

She told reporters that her son and Neha were more than friends. They were in love and wanted to marry. Mamtaz said she came to know about their relationship a year ago. "It was Neha who made the first move and took his phone number. My son did tell me about Neha and that he was in love with her and they wanted to get married. But I had suggested that he first focus on his career," she added.


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