‘Refused to conduct press meet against union budget until Cong leaders visited Ram mandir: Gourav Vallabh

Vallabh resigned from Cong and joined BJP recently

Gourav Vallabh Gourav Vallabh

Former Congress leader Gourav Vallabh said he informed the party leadership that they should stop criticising wealth creators of the country and he wouldn’t conduct a press conference on the union budget until party leaders visited Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Vallabh joined the Bharatiya Janata Party recently.

Vallabh told ANI, “I told all the senior leaders of Congress that we need to stop criticising the wealth creators of the country. Adani and Ambani have been criticised day and night by Congress. I did a press conference against Adani but when SEBI gave Adani a clean chit, I stopped giving statements about them. I told Congress leaders that when SEBI has given a clean chit to Adani, we should stop criticising them now.”

Vallabh said Congress kept on criticising Sanatana Dharma and Ram Temple. “When I was asked by Congress to do a press conference on the (union) budget, I clearly told them that I would not do it until Congress leaders visit the Ram Temple,” he said. 

Vallabh resigned from the Congress on April 4. In his resignation letter, Vallabh had said, “I am not feeling comfortable with the directionless way in which the Congress Party is moving forward today. I can neither raise anti-Sanatan slogans nor abuse the wealth creators of the country in the morning and evening. That is why I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of Congress Party.” He added, “When I joined Congress, I believed that Congress is the oldest party in the country which respects youth and intellectual people and their ideas. But for some time, I felt that the party was not able to adjust with the youth having new ideas."

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