Himachal: ‘More legislators in touch with us, Sukhu govt will fall soon,’ says disqualified Congress MLA

Rana dismisses CM’s claim that some rebel MLAs want to return

Disqualified Congress MLA Rajinder Rana (L); Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Disqualified Congress MLA Rajinder Rana (L); Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh

Rajinder Rana, one of the six disqualified Congress MLAs in Himachal Pradesh, has claimed that many other legislators are in touch with them and that Sukhvinder Singh Sukh’s government is on the verge of being toppled.

Rana also dismissed the chief minister’s claim that some rebel MLAs want to return to the party. "No one wants to return. On the other hand, at least nine more MLAs are in touch with us," he said.

Expressing complete dissatisfaction with the current dispensation, Rana claimed that they had been raising concerns with the high command for more than a year that "everything is not right in the party" in Himachal.

“It is not Congress' government in Himachal Pradesh; it is only the government of Sukhvinder Sukhu's friends. Everyone is aware of the state's situation," he said.

Rana and five other MLAs were disqualified after they cross-voted for BJP candidate Harsh Mahajan in the recent Rajya Sabha election, leading to the stunning defeat of Congress’s Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

Asked about it, Rana said, "We took this decision to uphold the honour of Himachal Pradesh and its people."

Rana hinted at the potential defections from within the party, claiming that at least nine MLAs are in contact with him and the state government is on the verge of collapse. 

"Several other MLAs want to join us (rebel MLAs) and are in contact with us. The state government of Himachal will be toppled soon," he said. 

CM claims support from 80% of MLAs

Chief Minister Sukhu, meanwhile, affirmed that he still has the support of 80 per cent of MLAs. 

"Eighty per cent of the Congress is together, and the rest are upset with us over small matters. It's my responsibility to clear things, so I have had discussions with them (six disqualified Congress MLAs),” he said.

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