How Goa police nabbed Bengaluru AI startup CEO who killed 4-yr-old son

Hotel staff got alarmed after they noticed blood stains in the room

Police crime scene stock image Representational image

The Goa police on Monday arrested the Chief Executive Officer of a Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup for murdering her four-year-old son. Police are yet to ascertain the motive behind the murder. The body of the child was recovered from a bag carried by the accused Suchana Seth. 

The Goa police nabbed 39-year-old Suchana Seth with the support of Karnataka police in Chitradurga, Karnataka, while she was trying to flee with the body of her son. According to police, Seth, who checked into a Goa hotel along with her son on January 6 got noticed by hotel staff after she checked out alone and blood stains were noticed in the hotel room.

According to police, Seth checked into a hotel in North Goa's Candolim on January 6 along with her four-year-old son. She checked out from the hotel on Monday and asked the hotel to arrange her a taxi to Bengaluru. Though the hotel staff advised flights were a better option, Seth insisted on travelling by road.

However, hotel staff who noticed she leaving the hotel alone got alarmed when they noticed blood stains in her room. They immediately informed Goa police and police on inspecting the scene, contacted Seth through the taxi driver and enquired whereabouts of her son. Seth allegedly told police that her son was with a friend and on enquiry, police found that the address provided by her was fake. 

Police contacted the driver again and this time spoke in Konkani. Police asked the driver to divert to the nearest police station. The taxi driver immediately drove to a police station in Chitradurga. Police arrested Seth and recovered her son’s body from her baggage. 

Goa Police has taken Seth back to the state for further investigation.


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