Consume cow urine to boost immunity, says Bengal BJP chief

Ghosh was speaking at a 'chai pe charcha' event of the BJP in Durgapur

cow dilip ghosh collage salil A collage showing cows (via PTI) and Dilip Ghosh (Salil Bera)

West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh is continuing to boast about his beliefs in the benefits of the cow, despite widespread criticism.

In November, Ghosh had claimed there was gold mixed in the milk of desi (native) cows, which is why the colour of their milk is slightly yellow.

On Thursday, Ghosh held forth on the benefits of drinking cow urine. Speaking at a 'chai pe charcha' event of the BJP in Durgapur, Ghosh claimed people need to consume cow urine to stay healthy.

“If I speak about cows, many feel uncomfortable. Donkeys will never understand the worth of a cow. This is India, the land of Lord Krishna, and here we worship cows. We will have cow urine to stay healthy. Those who consume alcohol, how will you understand the worth of a cow?" Ghosh was quoted as saying by The Hindu. Ghosh also promoted ayurvedic medicines and the benefits of home remedies.

"Tulsi is used in every puja, Bengal Quince is used to worship Lord Shiva. Tulsi and Bengal quince are given to us as 'prasad'. Our forefathers have practised that to stay healthy. Cow urine and stool are used in panchamrit (Hindu religious solution), that too for the same purpose," Ghosh was quoted as saying by Times Now.

Ghosh has apparently not been perturbed by critics who have claimed his views were unscientific. In March, Ghosh claimed, “There is no harm in consumption of [cow] urine. For ages, people in our country has consumed urine, all of them have been fit and fine. I have no qualm in accepting that I consume cow urine and will again do so. I am not an opportunist."

Ghosh was speaking after an organisation held an event in Kolkata promoting cow urine as a means of protection against COVID-19. However, Locket Chatterjee, a fellow BJP MP, said such "unscientific" views promoting cow urine should be shunned.