Cows and bulls will soon talk to you in Sanskrit and Tamil: Swami Nithyananda

Nithyananda Swami Nithyananda | via Commons

Godmen are a curious lot. They claim to possess knowledge, information and capabilities that mere mortals can only imagine, read in comic books or watch in Marvel/DC movies. There are godmen who predict future, tell you about your past and present and magically produce ash and what not from thin air. There are also those who levitate, cure every disease imaginable with mantras, and go into asanas that are next to impossible to imitate.

But if you thought that this was the extent of their powers and insights, here comes Swami Nithyananda with a revelation that will shatter your world view. Nithyananda, who shot to fame with a sex tape scandal a few years ago, is seen in a video (watch below) saying he can help monkeys and other animals grow internal organs by “initiating them into super-conscious breakthrough”.

“I will demonstrate monkeys and other few animals which do not have many of the internal organs we all have by initiating them into superconscious breakthough they will grow these organs and I will establish it, prove it through a scientific medical researches (Sic!).”

The crowd, which included children and some foreigners, cheered and there were drum beats as he dramatically paused.

The godman continued with a smile. "I am declaring after testing this software was perfectly working...that is the reason I am claiming now. Understand, let this be on record, within a year I will establish this."

A dramatic pause and more drum beats followed.

"I will develop a proper, phonetic, linguistic capable vocal cord for monkeys," he smiled as the crowd burst into another cheer. "Phonetic, linguistic capable vocal cord for lions and tigers."

If you thought this was the height of ludicrousness, wait till you hear his next lines.

"We are going to have cows and bulls which will talk to you very clearly and legitimately in Sanskrit and Tamil."