Multi-layered plastics likely to disappear soon

plastic-wate Representational image | Reuters

Multi-layered plastics (MLP), the shiny cover in which many ready-to-eat snacks and chips, as well as mouth-fresheners and tobacco products are being sold, may no longer add to environmental pollution soon.

The ministry of environment, on Monday, notified an amendment to the Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules 2018, adding MLP to the list of plastics that it expects to be phased out. The blingy packets are among the few materials that are non-recyclable, non-energy recoverable, or with no alternate use.

The committee that was formed to look into the challenges faced in the implementation of the Plastic Waste Management rules 2016 and Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, meanwhile, submitted its recommendations to the ministry.

Some NGOs, working in the area of recycling, have long maintained that the lobby of companies using MLP is so strong that that government is hesitant to ban it.

The ministry said in a press note that a central registration system will be in place, and the names of producers, importers and brand owners will be part of it. A national registry has been prescribed for producers with presence in more than two states, while it will be state-level for the smaller players. The system will be evolved by the Central Pollution Control Board.