'Panchayat' Season 3: Five key takeaways as the show takes a violent turn

Season 3 gifts several heartwarming moments that would stick with us for long

Panchayat Season 3 Episode 8

Warning: Spoiler alert

The much-anticipated Panchayat Season 3 has finally reached the audience after a two-year wait. The director, Deepak Kumar Mishra, and his team has proven their excellency yet again, through this new season. Season 3 gifts several heartwarming moments that would stick with us for long. Here are five takeaways from the new installment.

The resonating laughter

While Season 2 concludes with the entire village grieving over the death of Rahul Pandey, Season 3 takes up the essence of the previous season by opening from where it was left off. Even though the melancholy of the event lingers in the air through out the series, towards the second part of Season 3 we witness Prahlad slowly recovering from his sorrow. The village lends their hands to pull him out of his depressing state. As the season progress, we hear the resonating laughter of Prahlad as he indulges himself in the affairs of the panchayat. He gains respect among the villagers due to his unbiased decisions, while still caring for his dear ones. Even though the situation broke him, his revival and his laughter is like a rain in the parched land, thus serving as a crucial detail of the series.

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Reluctant lovers

The bond between Abhishek and Rinky and their character development have been lingering in the periphery throughout Season 2 of Panchayat. Season 3 takes it to the next level by hinting at the growing intimacy between the two, even though they have not directly confronted it. Abhishek’s contact with Rinky even when he was away from the village serves as a proof to the friendship that they cherish. They have grown comfortable around each other and does not hesitate to ask for each other’s help when needed. When compared to the previous seasons, Season 3 chronicles a great deal of their moments. These two add more charm to the series, while leaving a scope for further plot development in the next season.

Home is where family is

One of the most heart-warming scenes in the entire series is when Prahlad takes Jagmohan’s mother to his house. Once the Dadi witnesses the plight of Prahlad, she regrets her actions to secure a house for her grandson using loopholes in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and realises that forcefully staying away from her loved ones is futile. The hollowness of Prahlad’s life touches the Dadi’s heart, convincing her to spend the rest of her life with her grandson and family. The sense of belongingness is what drives all of us and having no one to call your own can be the most devastating state. The solitude of Prahlad after losing his only son brings this reality to the fore.

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Bidding farewell to Sitara

MLA Chandrakishore Singh has maintained his role as the biggest villain of the series, while delivering a lot of funny scenes on the way. The greatest accusation that the character faced in this season was his alleged cruelty towards animals. The MLA was convicted for killing a dog and eating it! The death of the pigeon at his hand while trying release it further got his name tarnished. In this backdrop, we see the MLA parting with his dear horse, Sitara, as per advise by an astrologer to stay away from animals. Here, the viewers get a glimpse of another side of the Vidhayak. His eyes welled up as he bid farewell to his favourite pet. We see the onlookers, including Parameshwar's son-in-law Ganesh who came to buy the horse, also in tears, giving a satirical take to the scene.

Resemblance to Mirzapur

Panchayat Season 3, when compared with Season 1 and 2, is seen to have take a more violent turn. It has been noted that a few scenes resembled the violence from Mirzapur. However, Panchayat has succeeded in conveying such violent and emotional scenes with a touch of humour that keeps the viewer entertained. The revenge and grudge is openly acknowledged and the characters have retorted the same with violence against each other. The final episode becomes the prime example of this and includes some edge-of-the-seat scenes that drive up the suspense.

The direction, acting, music and various other factors have contributed in conveying the desired effect. Season 3 is a further look into the heart of rural India, through Phulera. Now let us wait patiently for director Deepak Kumar Mishra to come up with Panchayat Season 4, which he said is already in the works.

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