Panchayat Season 3: 5 reasons you must re-watch Season 1 and 2 ahead of new episodes

More Phulera adventures are here and it's time to revisit past seasons


Putting an end to a two-year long wait, Season 3 of Panchayat is all set to hit your mini-screens on May 28. Seasons 1 and 2 have been a bumpy ride with anticipation, laughter and chills. More Phulera adventures of Abhishek are here and it's time to revisit the first two seasons. Here are 5 reasons why you must dive in!

The protagonist magic

The central character of the show, Abhishek Tripathi, a young engineering graduate who ends up in Phulera, a rural village, has captivated the audience with his relatable charm. Actor Jitendra Kumar has captured the essence of the character through his exceptional acting. The inability of the character to find a job suitable for him made him end up as Phulera’s panchayat secretary against his wishes. In order to escape his plight, he decides to crack a competitive exam and get an admission in one of India’s leading institutions. Thus, he is pushed into the endless loop of studying, while the poor amenities of the village adds on to his struggles. The character’s predicament is portrayed in a comedic, yet relatable light. As the series progresses, his repulsion towards his job and his situation is seen to take a different turn. The Sachiv ji’s story of blending in, creates the momentum in the series.

The techniques

The pace of story progression in Panchayat through the characters and the dialogues implies the great narrative that has been put to use. The script-driven series employs nifty direction and skilful acting, thus putting it in the limelight. Most parts of the series uses light and humorous tone which keeps the viewer entertained. The sound and editing contributes in favour of the same. A change of tone can be seen in a few scenes and it plays an important role in carrying the desired effect to the audience. This is the most evident in the final episode of Season 2 while portraying the death of Rahul Pandey, the only son of Prahlad, who sacrifices his life for the country.

Connected by heart

Each of the characters in Panchayat are unique and interesting. Despite their personal differences, the whole village stands together when a crisis hits them. Season 1 Episode 3 of the series sees a marriage, where the entire village comes together to lend a hand. Season 2 Episode 8 is yet another example, when the entire village mourns the death of soldier Rahul Pandey and helps Prahlad Pandey, his father, to come out of the grief. The women of the village step up to prevent the MLA from entering the village is yet another incident. In Season 1 Episode 5, the protagonist is accused of stealing a monitor from the panchayat office. Following this he breaks down and vents about his monotonous life in the village. Later in that episode, we see Vikas, Pradhanji and Prahlad trying to cheer him up. A village life might not be the easiest but we see a bunch of people who stands by each other through thick or thin. This might be the core reason Abhishek fell in a love-hate relationship with Phulera.

Getting to the grassroot level

Panchayat is a glimpse into the rural life. The entire series is set in a village named Phulera in Uttar Pradesh. In the series, Abhishek’s friends have mentioned a few times that he is getting to experience the “grassroot level of governance”. The series makes us realise that this experience can be bitter-sweet. The lack of basic amenities in the village, like electricity and water is eye-opening. Each episode unfolds a new aspect of the village life. The series also throws light on issues of patriarchy and dowry without directly confronting it.

Small but interesting details

The series gives away a thread of images that are iconic to the story. The panchayat office is the key location where the story takes place. It directly or indirectly revolves around this small yellow building. A water tank that is situated right outside the building is said to give away the most beautiful view of the village. But it also serves as the first meeting place of Abhishek and Rinky and a favourite tea spot for Sachiv Ji. Another iconic addition of the series is ‘rinky ke papa’ ringtone, that Pradhan Ji has on his phone - a small, yet funny detail of the story. If you have watched the series, you might already know about the significance of lauki (bottle-gourds) in the story. Pradhan ji loves to gift it and it has given a few funny bits to the series.

The third season is anticipated to cover the return of Sachiv Ji, Parhlad overcoming the bereavement and many more! Let us know what you think after binge-watching the show.

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