Mob attacks Kannada actor Chetan Chandra; he says he was assaulted 'without mercy'

A case has been registered


Kannada actor Chetan Chandra took to social media to narrate a horrible ordeal that he faced when he was out with his family in Bengaluru on Sunday.

Chetan Chandra, popular for his works in Sandalwood like Jaathre and Plus, said when he was out with his mother for a temple visit on Mother's Day, he was attacked by a mob.

In an Instagram live video, the actor who was bleeding, said, "After visiting temple, while returning home, a person, who was inebriated, followed my car and tried to damage it. When I questioned him, 20 other people followed him and started assaulting me on the road.”

He said it was a horrible experience as the mob attacked him without any mercy. The actor claimed that his car was totally damaged in the attack. He was given first aid by the police.

Chetan Chandra said he does not know who his attackers are and added that most of them appeared drunk.

"Very bad experience, need justice (sic)," he wrote on Instagram, sharing a video.

A case has been registered at Kaggalipura police station after the actor filed a complaint.

According to media reports, it may have been an incident of road rage.

A person has been arrested in connection with the attack on Chetan Chandra and further investigation is under way.

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