Sai Pallavi faces police complaint for comparing Kashmiri Pandit genocide to cow vigilantism

She said in an interview that she was taught to always side with the oppressed

Sai-Pallavi-acting via Facebook

Bajrang Dal leaders filed a police complaint against popular south Indian actor Sai Pallavi in Hyderabad over her remarks on exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and cow vigilantism.

In a recent interview for the promotion of the Telugu movie Virata Parvam, the actor had said she had seen the movie The Kashmir Files which showed how Kashmiri Pandits were killed. "During Covid-19 time, I read a few news reports that said a Muslim man was lynched by cow vigilantes chanting Jai Sree Ram for transporting a cow. There is no difference between these two cases," she said, adding "You should not hurt anyone on religious lines."

She said she was brought up in a family that had neutral political leanings, but she was always told to side with the oppressed. "I have heard about left-wing and right-wing thoughts. But I don't know which is right."

According to media reports, the police said they will look into the interview and take further action after seeking legal opinion.