Paulo Coehlo is all praise for Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Mishra’s ‘Kaamyaab’

This movie, labeled as “comedy”, is in fact the tragedy of art, Coehlo said


Brazilian author Paulo Coehlo took to Twitter to shower praise on Shah Rukh Khan who produced Bollywood film Kaamyaab, featuring Sanjay Mishra.

Kaamyaab, which released earlier this year, followed the journey of a forgotten character actor and his desire to get back to films to do his 500th role. The film which received great reviews was seen as a tribute to a number of unsung actors who portray character roles or even sidekicks on the big screen.

Paulo Coehlo also cited the instance of Brazilian actor Flavio Migliaccio who recently committed suicide. Paulo Coehlo tweeted, “The producers thank you in the very 1st frame, @iamsrk. I am doing the same. Two days ago a great Brazilian actor , Flavio Migliaccio, committed suicide, leaving a note on how the industry treats their artists. This movie, labeled as “comedy”, is in fact the tragedy of Art.”

Both Shah Rukh and Sanjay Mishra responded to Coehlo’s appreciation. Shah Rukh tweeted: “It’s a sad truth that character actors get forgotten.”

Misra said that audience think only comedy is entertainment.

Speaking to THE WEEK earlier about typecasting actors, Mishra had said: “Films are categorised in a way that’s easier to find actors for a certain category. But that era is coming to an end because now these character actors are becoming subjects for films. I have a huge issue with the term “character actors” though. Isn’t every actor playing a character? Why box them as hero, villain, henchman, heroine’s mother, sister and such categories.”