Google ‘Thanos’, click on the Infinity gauntlet and see what happens

Google introduces a cool new trick as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ opens in cinemas

Google ‘Thanos’, click on the Infinity gauntlet and see what happens

Avengers: Endgame is in theatres. Finally. Fans can barely contain their excitement to watch their favourite superheroes take on Thanos and help bring back the fallen as the last installment (supposedly) in the Avengers franchise comes to an end. And jumping in on the fun is Google with its new cool feature. And don't worry, no spoilers here!

In this new feature, one simply has to search ‘Thanos’ on Google. On the right, the character's name and details appear, and just beside the fictional supervillain's name appears the gauntlet with the Infinity Stones. If you click on the gauntlet, it ‘recreates’ the infamous snap that made half the world disappear in Avengers: Infinity War. In this case, half your search results start fading similar to how our favourite characters turned to dust in Infinity War. And Google shows the updates number of search results, which is half the actual number shown before the ‘snap’.

Not to worry, as you can undo the snap. All you have to do click on the gauntlet again and Google will restore the search results that disappeared.

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Google has come up with similar Easter eggs in the past. You can type ‘do a barrel roll’ and the results page does a 360-degree flip; search ‘Google gravity’ and click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and your search results would come crashing down the page because, well, gravity; another one is ‘askew’ which makes your search results appear in a slanted layout; ‘zerg rush’ causes a horde of the letter ‘O’ in Google's logo to destroy your results.