Late actor Thilakan's letter to Mohanlal reveals fault lines in AMMA


The daughter of late actor Thilakan has released a letter written by her father years ago to superstar Mohanlal, then general secretary of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA). The letter, dated March 23, 2010, unleashes harsh criticism of the stance AMMA had taken on certain issues.

“AMMA had remained silent when some producers kept me out, yielding to threats, despite having signed me,” Thilakan had pointed out. AMMA kept quiet when the goons of actor-legislator K.B. Ganesh Kumar threatened him, Thilakan said in the letter released by his daughter Sonia.

“They threatened to kill me. AMMA office-bearers pretended ignorance. AMMA leaders respond with fury when superstars and fans associations are criticised, but keep quiet when the rights of members are trampled upon or ignored. This attitude cannot be justified.

“I'm willing to express regret if convinced that my statements hascaused shame to anyone. The organisation is not functioning properly, such approach will ruin it," he wrote.

Sonia said her father was ready to express regret, but AMMA leaders did not have the heart to listen. “They are double-faced. They ignored Thilakan, but have taken back Dileep.”

“We know that some directors had asked director Ranjith to keep my father out of Indian Rupee. The pressure and the physical strain he suffered after the ban hastened his death.”

Thilakan had kept five copies of his letter to Mohanlal in a file marked 'AMMA.' He had asked the family to keep it safely. Other papers related to AMMA are also in the file.