GST panel meet: List of products and services getting cheaper and dearer

The GST Council has decided to tweak tax rates on products and services

GST Council meeting Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman chairs the 53rd GST Council meeting, in New Delhi on June 22, 2024 | PTI

In its 53rd meeting, the GST Council decided to implement a slew of measures that are expected to benefit taxpayers, including waiver of interest and penalty for GST demand notices issued in the first three years of its rollout.

The GST panel also approved an extension for availing input tax credit (ITC) on any invoice or debit note.

With the GST Council deciding to tweak tax rates on products and services, here is a look at what becomes cheaper and dearer.

Railway services

Services provides by the railways including platform tickets, waiting rooms, cloak rooms, batter-operated car services and intra-railway transactions will be exempt from GST.

Hostel accommodation

Accommodation facility provided at hostels, primarily for students, outside education institutions costing up to Rs 20,000 per person monthly will be exempt from GST, provided the service is provided for a minimum contunuous period of 90 days.

Carton boxes

A uniform GST rate of 12 per cent recommended on all carton boxes and cases of both corrugated and non-corrugated paper or paper board. This is expected to help the apple growers in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

Milk cans

All milk cans, whether its made of steel, iron or aluminum, will attract a 12 per cent GST.

Solar cookers

A uniform GST rate of 12 per cent on all solar cookers, whether it has a single or dual energy source.


A uniform 12 per cent GST on all types of sprinklers, including fire and water sprinklers.


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