Tesla layoff: Employee who used to work for 12 hours, sleep in car to avoid commute to work loses job

The employee said the entire experience felt like a nightmare


Layoffs are hard, especially so when you have spent all of your time and energy working for the company.

A Tesla employee, who has been laid off recently, said he worked his way up in the company for over five years and became a production supervisor.

According to Business Insider, he was in total shock when the news of the layoff came. He was on his way to work when he received an e-mail saying that his position had been terminated.

"I decided to try my badge on the turnstile in case it was a scam or a mistake, but a security guard confiscated it and told me I'd be affected by the job cuts," Business Insider quoted him as saying.

The employee said the entire experience felt like a nightmare.

He said he worked really hard while he was at the company and wanted to be as efficient and productive as possible.

According to the employee, the shift hours at Tesla were long, around 12 hours, and he used to stay even longer than that to get things done. He started sleeping inside the car and showering in the factory in 2021 to save time spent on his commute. He did this for a whole year, and stopped doing it only when the weather got worse.

The job felt like being an industrial athlete because we were constantly moving, he said.

He, however, continues to think fondly of Tesla as he said, "I still really resonate with its mission and what the company is trying to do."

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