From 'General Hospital' to 'Siberia' 5 best movies/shows of late Hollywood actor Johnny Wactor

The unexpected death of Hollywood actor Johnny Wactor came in as a rude shock to


The unexpected death of Hollywood actor Johnny Wactor came in as a rude shock to fans. The actor was killed when he interrupted thieves stealing the catalytic converter from his car in Los Angeles on May 25. As we mourn his untimely death, here is a look at five of the best shows/movies of Johnny Wactor.

1. General Hospital


Wactor shot to fame and won fandom with General Hospital, an American soap opera that has entered the Guinness Record as the ‘longest-running American opera in production’. The show revolves around the lives of people living in the fictional town of Port Charles in New York. Wactor played Brando Corbin in the show, appearing in as many as 165 episodes of the 15,000-episode show.

2. USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage


Wactor played a major role in the 2016 film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, which chronicled the story of an American navy ship that was sunk by a Japanese submarine during World War II. The ship was sunk on July 30, 1945, shortly after delivering components of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the shark-infested Philippian Sea. Wactor played the character Connor in the action-packed movie.

3. Siberia

Siberia, which premiered in 2013, was a sci-fi series that was shot in the format of a reality show. Wactor played Johnny, one of the 16 contestants in the reality show. The contestants are forced to survive in a Siberian wilderness while competing for a hefty prize of $500,000. Soon after they arrive, they begin to encounter mysterious occurrences that were not part of the reality show. The contestants are then forced to band together and survive in a dangerous and unfamiliar terrain.

4. Disillusioned

Disillusioned is a 2018 comedy movie in which Wactor played Jared, a close friend of the protagonist, Hayden. The movie revolves around four friends who are each battling their own struggles while trying to maintain their friendship. The movie, set in Los Angeles, explores the concept of friendship and life

5. Supercell

Wactor played Martin in the 2023 disaster thriller Supercell. The film is about a teenager named William Brody, son of legendary storm chasers Bill and Quinn Brody, who embarks on a journey to unearth his father’s motive behind storm-chasing. The movie documents his journey, the stories he discovers about his father from others, and the changes they bring in him.


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