Israel-Iran tensions: Air India suspends flights to Tel Aviv

Air India operates four weekly flights between Delhi and Tel Aviv


Air India has suspended its flights from Delhi to Tel Aviv amid the escalating tensions between Israel and Iran following Tehran’s missile and drone attacks on Saturday night.

The Tata Group-owned carrier operates four weekly flights between Delhi and the Israeli city.

The airline had suspended its flights to Tel Aviv on October 7, 2023 after the city was attacked by Hamas gunmen, killing at least 1200 people. The services later resumed on March 3.

Meanwhile, Israeli airlines said on Sunday that the operations were returning to normal, a day after the country’s airspace was closed following the overnight attack by Iranian drones and missiles.

Flag carrier El Al, which had cancelled 15 flights to Europe, Dubai and Moscow scheduled for Sunday, said they have resumed operations.

According to the Israel airports authority, most flights of foreign carriers have been delayed, including Sunday flights to London by Wizz Air, to New Delhi by Air India, to Madrid by Iberia and to Marseille by Air France.

Iran launched around 300 drones and missiles on Saturday night in its first attack on Israel from its own soil. Israel, however, claims to have intercepted 99 per cent of the launches.

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