What is Swiggy's Paw-ternity policy? Employees who are pet parents to get special benefits

'We understand that parenthood comes in various forms'

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To mark the National Pet Day, Swiggy on Thursday launched its Paw-ternity Policy for pet parents among their employees.

"Building on our gender-neutral parental policy introduced in 2020, which provides substantial paid leave for primary and secondary caregivers, in addition to bonding leaves, and time off for adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and IVF, we are now expanding our definition of parenthood to include pet parents as well. And that’s why, starting today, we’re announcing the Swiggy Paw-ternity Policy for all full-time employees," Swiggy said.

New pet/adoption leave: One of the perks for pet parents working at Swiggy is the introduction of an additional paid day off when they welcome their new companions home. "Pet parents may opt for work-from-home during the settling-in period to provide comfort and support to their new family member," the company stated.

Sick leave: Employees can take casual or sick leave when they need to take their sick or injured pet to a veterinarian or for a routine vaccination.

Bereavement leave: The company said that employees can now avail bereavement leave when their pet dies, to give them times to "grieve and recover from the loss".

"We recognize the indispensable place pets hold in the lives of our employees and are dedicated to supporting them in every aspect of their journey with Swiggy’s pet care policy," the company added.


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