Google employee who was laid off while on maternity leave shares her 'heartbreaking' experience

She was with the company for 12.5 years


 Layoffs can be tough. Especially if you have dedicated a major part of your professional life to the company that decided to let you go. A woman from the US, who was working as a recruiting manager with Google, recently shared her heartbreaking story on LinkedIn.

Nichole Foley said the layoff left her "heartbroken and devastated".

"After 12.5 years at Google, I unfortunately was impacted while on maternity leave by the Google recruiting layoffs that happened last Wednesday. I am heartbroken & devastated to say the least, especially while on leave with a 10-week-old. I will however be forever grateful for all of my time at Google, and for the AMAZING people I was able to work with who I call my friends & more importantly, my family," Foley wrote.

She added that she is having a "hard time wrapping my head around what is next or how I am going to interview & work elsewhere at this moment."

Foley exuded confidence that despite the setback, she is sure that things will work out and added that she is excited to see what is next.

In another post, she spoke about the difficulties she face while hunting for a job, calling it a “rude awakening” as she is now forced to scrutinize the inclusion policies of the companies she plans to apply to as she is a lesbian. “As the hunt for jobs carries on, I have come across roles that partner with countries unaccepting of same-sex marriage, and or unaccepting of same-sex couples having/adopting children. How can that be, I asked myself. Well, while at Google, I have lived a privileged life for about 12.5 years....To think I would have to backtrack and essentially live in a closet again, is just not something I am willing to do at this point, or EVER.”

She said this feels like an additional hurdle that she might overcome while looking for a job.


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