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Does your birth details indicate owning property: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi


When one person keeps struggling for one roof throughout the life and other one has palaces to live and also builds empire on pieces of land, there must be some fundamental difference between these two sets of people. Whether you are rich or poor, becoming a property possessor may be a herculean task for many. If you are rich and have a very strong bank balance, do not think that buying a home or land will be a cakewalk for you, though you can hire better than the best realtor. The money-minded and avaricious realtor will rather befool you and will try to rob money from you deceitfully. And, you may end up buying a disputed property, whatsoever. On the contrary, if you are poor, do not think that you will not own property as you cannot afford the high fee of a realtor. Then, who can come to your rescue under these two cases? The Week, spoke to one of the best astrologers in India who gave very useful insights on this subject. Here are the excerpts:

Q- Which house or planets support owning property?

As per Vedic astrology, the Lord of the fourth house and Lagan and its Lord are vital factors that delineate the destiny of your property possession. Besides, other planets, such as Jupiter, Venus, and Moon, play a dominating role. The fourth house in the natal chart indicates the place or home you presently reside in. The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra beautifully defies the significance of your house in regards to the acquisition of non-ambulatory assets. Among all the planets, Mars is the natural significator for land, and Venus a beautiful house.  

The first house in your natal charts sheds light on your identity, attitudes, manners, etiquettes, etc. So, you will be choosing a house that corresponds to your views and personality. The second house indicates your wealth and savings. If you want to buy a house, you should have a good amount of money. The fourth house indicates your place of residence. The eleventh house indicates your income and gain. This will help you figure out when you will have a sufficient amount of money to buy a house. 

Mars and Sun are the planets that will enable you to buy a house in your forties. Jupiter can help you buy a house in your mid-thirties. Ketu and Saturn together may help you buy a house after you cross the age of 44 or 52 years. Rahu and Venus together or Moon by itself can help you buy a house at an early age of your life. Now, you must be curious to know the best time to buy property in astrology. When the fourth house’s lord lies in the fourth house, the ascendant’s lord is also there while being aspected by a benefic. If the tenth house’s lord and the fourth house’s lord form a quadrant or a trine, you will be living lavishly in a house with a fenced wall.  

When the fourth house’s ruler has a beneficial connection with the ninth house’s ruler, you may inherit your father’s property. If the fourth house’s lord is well-positioned in the second house, you may inherit property from your maternal family. When the fourth house ruler is benefic and robust in the seventh house, you may acquire land or house after marriage. Remember that the Bukhti or the Mahadasha of the fourth house ruler is the right time for you to buy a property. When the fifth house’s lord lies in conjunction with or is aspected by the second and eleventh houses’ rulers, you may sell your property and get a remunerative price for it. The planets that lie in exalted positions in the fourth house provides you with many houses or non-ambulatory assets. 

Although Mars is a prime indicator for your house ownership in astrology, its presence in the fourth house may make your house susceptible to fire. Moon in the fourth house increases your chances of buying a home. Ketu and Sun will give you a weak hose, whereas Jupiter in the fourth house will give you an impregnable and strong home. Sun lying in the fourth house indicates that you will own a straw hut. If the fourth house is governed by Saturn or Rahu, you are likely to get an old house. Mercury and Venus will give you a beautiful house. If the fourth house planets are exalted or if Venus and Moon get into the fourth house, you will be an owner of a multi-storeyed house. 

There are certain times when you may face problems related to property. Some astrological factors signify a loss of property. When the fourth house’s ruler lies in the third house and some other related planetary positions, you may be at risk of buying property. Some malefic planets aspect the fourth house. If the fourth house’s lord lies in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses, it affects the Lagna lord. Your case may also deteriorate if the fourth house's lord is weak and is conjunct with the Sun.

Thus, astrology can answer your question, “When will I have my own house?” It can foretell the yoga for acquiring property in a kundli. So, rest assured that astrological predictions can help you when you should prepare yourself to buy a home or property.

Q How to know if one will own a house using birth details?

DVB: It will be more correct to say that you will own or not a home as per astrology. That means astrology not only helps you buy a house but also enables you to live unitedly with your family in it. With the help of a native’s horoscope, a qualified astrologer has the capabilities to differentiate between these two attributes of the native’s life. An individual has always been conspicuous by the houses he built for himself as owning or making a house gives him or her complete satisfaction. Bhav in the native’s horoscope/the fourth house has been allotted for the property possession of the native. 

Q—Can one know the best time to invest in property according to horoscope?

DVB: Yes, sure! But you need to give your 100% correct birth details, to an astrologer. Based on these things, an astrologer can let you  with the best time to invest in a property. But before he calculates or deduces the best time, he should evaluate whether you will get benefits from the property or not. As soon as he gets the answer to this question, he can tell you the best time for your investment. But bear in mind that the timing entirely depends on the property yoga in your horoscope. A weak property yoga needs robust placement of the planets, whereas a strong property yoga can make you a property owner with the fewest hassles. So, rest assured that by giving your right date of birth and timing, you can know the best time to invest in property.

Q -Can we see property disputes also from a horoscope?

DVB: Why not! If it can help you buy a home, it can help you in legal matters as well. Those who consider astrology as a hoax pay heavily. I would explain such a case for you: Mr. Rakesh Sharma, a software engineer, employed in an MNC, was planning to buy a home in a posh locality in Gurugram. As he did not have the required amount of money to buy a home, he had to arrange the amount of money by selling two of his houses, even including the one he was presently residing in. The property dealer consultant who had presented this deal was a friend of Mr. Sharma, and all the property deals he had made with this consultant had been successful till now. But this time, fortune did not bend over him. The problem that Mr. Sharma had was that the house which was to be purchased by him would be ready in a year or so, though he had to arrange his finances immediately. The property consultant came to Mr. Sharma’s rescue.

The proposition was that the house he was residing in would be sold

immediately, but he would give his property possession after a year. 

The property consultant’s idea pleased Mr. Sharma, and he gave consent for the deal. As a result, his houses were sold, the money he received from the sale was transferred for buying the new house, which he was to get in a year. According to the deal, he started living in the house he had sold for one year. But his fate took an ugly turn. The new house’s construction came to a grinding halt as some disputes cropped up between landowners and developers. The court stayed all the activities on the land till further clarifications. At the end of the year, Mr. Sharma vacated the house he was living in. Five years have gone by since he vacated the house, but he has not got the possession of his new house and he is still embroiled in legal matters. 

In this case, I would say that had he consulted an astrologer; he could have saved his property; Also, he could not have lost the ownership rights, and he would not have invested his money in the property either. Therefore, the natives are advised to get their horoscopes checked by an able astrologer to know if any malefic planets are blocking their way. So, you can easily get the answer to your question, “How can horoscope help in property disputes?” 

Q—: Can astrology tell about getting inherited or parental property also? 

DVB: Yes, it can. But you should have a strong inheritance yoga in your horoscope. Naturally, it will not be possible for you to know it. You need to approach an astrologer who after thorough analysis of your natal chart can tell whether you will get bequeathed properties of your forefathers or not. Astrologically, there should be a strong connection among the fourth house, the eighth house, and the second house to form such yoga in your horoscope. This yoga fructifies when the Dasha of the related planets are in tandem with the planet’s transit over the natal chart's houses giving inheritance.  

On the contrary, astrology can also indicate that a native may be deprived of his or her large inheritances. Besides, it indicates that the native may or may not get a share of the inheritance. So, in all matters, one can seek help of an able astrologer. 

Q— Can astrology help in real estate business

DVB: Of course! It can help realtors in executing their real estate business successfully. Various tips on how it can help them are summarized below: 

First, the native should have the business Yoga in his or her horoscope.

Next, he or she should assess the strength or potency of the business Yoga.

He or she should know the business’s nature, which would activate the business yoga to the fullest.

He or she should know the timings of fructification of the business yoga.

If the astrologer finds all the four points mentioned above, the native will be a successful realtor. 

Q—Which planet supports real estate business?

DVB: An individual’s horoscope is a threshold to his or her all-important decision of life. It can predict whether the native should do a job or a business. If it indicates a business, then which business will suit him and the right time to start it and with whom? Similarly, an astrologer can tell whether a property business will suit him or not. Remember that specific planets and their combinations with houses ensure success to the natives in a particular business. Because of this, lots of lots people have achieved incredible heights in their businesses. Those who consider astrology as a hoax suffer the consequences due to the improper choice of their businesses. Astrologically, Mars rules the real estate business. Since this red planet denotes land and property, it casts its effects on the 4th house and is considered by an astrologer to predict this business's success.   

Q—How can astrology help a person in the purchase and sale of a property?

DVB: Again, the same answer as explained before. The fourth house and its lord are indeed responsible for determining the right time for property purchase and sale. So, the natives must consult an astrologer before purchasing or selling a property. If their stars are not favorable, they should not risk.  

The excerpts of this interview with Dr.Vinay Bajrangi – one of the top best astrologer in India, will surely remove many doubts on how to buy property using your birth chart and how can a wrong decision here can land you into debt traps in your life. You can access him for more astrological guidance through his website vinaybajrangi.com or call his office on +91 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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