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Living in Vietnam for foreigners - how to make money

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Vietnam is a country renowned for its scenery, tasty food and welcoming locals. As a result, there are many foreigners who wish to come here to work and live permanently. Here are a few helpful tips for jobs that you need to consult.

English teachers

Teaching English is one of the promising career options for people with good English skills and good relationship and communication skills. Many who have a great deal of literary knowledge, a passion for reading, a talent for writing essays and an enthusiasm for teaching, an English teacher cannot be more fitting. 

The key role 

Prepare lectures and activities for students before going to class. 

Rate student assessments, essays, papers, and other assignments. 

Monitor the academic success of students and progress in the classroom. 

Meet with colleagues to organize the preparation of courses and address relevant technical subjects.

Working environment 

English teachers work at all education levels, from kindergarten to high school and university. 

In addition, English teachers also teach additional courses or teach full-time classes in English classrooms. 

Time of job 

The English teachers working in the schools would work during the office hours in compliance with the instructional schedule allocated.

In schools, teachers can take a summer vacation on public holidays in compliance with state legislation. However, in the center, it's not like that, they're going to teach all day off and summer breaks because at that time, students who apply for private tutoring at the center would rise dramatically.

Be a Youtuber

This work is now incredibly popular and is the most active in the world, including Vietnam. The trend of making money on YouTube is much better because it's the best way to make money and it doesn't cost anything. Your job is to set up a channel for you, then upload videos to draw people. When you've got 1,000 viewers and 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel, you can toggle on ads to make money. 

* Advantages

- Very durable and Youtube is a big website in the world 

- If you know how you can make thousands of dollars a month

- Very convenient to set up networks as well as up - video - Suitable even for people who are less educated about the Internet. 

* Disadvantage

- Easy to fail if not persistent 

- High competition 

- Time consuming to build content that draws your own fans


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