Diwali gift ideas for everyone in the family

Here are fail-safe gifts that would instantly make you the family favourite


Worried as to what to get for each quirky, endearing, annoying member of your family this Diwali? Here are fail-safe gifts that would instantly make you the family favourite.

Travel jewellery organiser: Your jet-setting cousin or sister-in-law will surely appreciate this. It will let her accessorise without fuss as all her jewellery will stay untangled. There are several options available on Amazon, that come with removable dividers and a mirror.

Monogram phone case: This will definitely be a hit with your sassy aunt or uncle. You could get one at Dailyobjects or Themessycorner.

Wireless charging tray: You could get a charging tray with or without an extension to hold knick knacks or one that comes with a stand for charging a smart watch. Either way, a win-win gift for your dad or brother, to proudly display at their workplace. Several options are available at Amazon.

Curated tea samplers: Looking for something for your mom-in-law? A carefully assembled tea hamper with different flavours is just perfect! The Gourmet Box and The Tea Trunk have great options.

Bluetooth speakers: What would the sibling who loves working out love? Speakers to play their workout jam of course! Look no further than Amazon for options.

Korean beauty products: Your best friend just started watching K-Dramas? Look no further than Korean beauty products from Belif or CosRX.

Massage gun: For the chacha or your father-in-law who enjoys gardening, a massage gun will surely be a great gift, which will help heal their sore muscles after hours of toiling in the sun, giving their precious plants much-needed TLC. The sports supply store or Decathlon around the corner would have one.

Personalised luggage tag: Your best niece/nephew with a taste for all things nice and loves to travel, this is the perfect gift. You could find one at Themessycorner.

Bookends: Your book nerd aunt or uncle who would rather curl up with a thriller than attend the Diwali dinner-- this is for them. Take your pick from either Kalaakari Haath or the Wishing Chair.

Themed merchandise: For your son or daughter who is a Harry Potter/ Captain Marvel fan, pick up a piece of merchandise or a bobblehead from Tinyminymo or Souledstore.


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