10 sustainability influencers inspiring us to live greener lives

Follow these Instagram accounts that help you make eco-friendly choices


We live in a world that gives so much emphasis on skincare routines and fashion trends. Do we focus on giving our environment the same importance? Here are some influencers who will motivate you to go green and lead a sustainable lifestyle. They use Instagram as a platform to publish their content and spread the word.

Whether it's calling for waste reduction, reducing consumption, or making greener choices feel more accessible, these influencers are simply crushing it. We highly recommend giving them each a follow; you may even find yourself making better, good-for-the-earth decisions!

1. Nayana Premnath (@nayana_premnath)

She has gone from being a practicing architect, to a content creator and now a low- waste practitioner. Nayana discovered a zero-waste journey on her journey as a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber. The shift to low-waste happened in 2019 and as she shares, is still in progress. Nayana is the one to follow if you love having access to multiple resources. Along with her Instagram page, Nayana has her own website and YouTube channel. “The menstrual cup was what led me to a rabbit hole of information on sustainability and zero-waste living,” she says. All her offerings do not just showcase her low-waste journey but also her experiments with a vegan diet including some delicious recipes. You can also get your hands on a quick guide on easy zero-waste swaps that you can implement immediately.

2. Vani Murthy (@wormani)

Vani Murthy is a 60-year-old homemaker-turned-changemaker who goes by Worm Rani on Instagram, inspiring youngsters to compost and manage waste sustainably in urban spaces through her short and informative videos. “Urban farmer” and a “composting enthusiast” Vani co-founded the Bengaluru branch of the Solid Trash Management Round Table, an organisation devoted to solving the waste issue in cities. What can you do with the scraps from your kitchen? Use it to nourish the soil and grow your own healthy vegetables, says Vani Murthy who constantly addresses through her page.

3. Mrudula Joshi (@ullisubymrudula)

Although she comes from a fashion background, her habit of saving up made her discover a zero-waste lifestyle. Her endeavour is thus called “Ullisu” which in Kannada stands for “save”. Mrudula is not just a zero-waste influencer but also an entrepreneur. As part of her professor’s research, she had taken up the #NoStitchSeptember Challenge where she opted for drapes instead of stitched clothes to reduce carbon footprints. She made dresses, tops, skirts, and sarees from drapes. The pursuit brought out her creative side and the best part was that these styles were apt for all body shapes and sizes. She recently launched Ulisu Zero-waste Store, where you can buy zero-waste products and get them delivered pan-India.

4. Kopal Nanda (@witch_crafts)

Who would say no to an urban garden? This gardener's page is completely green, almost like a virtual nursery. One of India's emerging "plantfluencers," Kopal, speaks about different plants and demonstrates how to cultivate and care for them in an apartment garden. You will gain knowledge about both veggie gardening and decorative plants. She also gives you lessons on different varieties of hoyas, glimpses of a blooming cabbage patch, and her expertise on how to change the settings for the plants’ environment when the weather changes. Following her is a good idea if one of your aims is to become a green thumb.

5. Ripu Baman Bevli (@plogmanofindia)

Ripu introduced the idea of plogging in India by planning clean-up campaigns around Mumbai. He focuses on raising awareness about trash reduction and aspires to make India free of litter. By planning clean-up campaigns around Mumbai, Ripu introduced the idea of plogging to this nation. He works hard to raise awareness about trash reduction and aspires to make India free of litter. You may find hundreds of short films about sustainability and how to live a waste-free life on his Instagram page, which can inspire you.

6. Soumya (@greenfeetcleanfeet)

She is a sustainable lifestyle blogger and creates content that mostly deals with low consumerism and she began the “No Buy Challenge” on her page. She attempts to motivate people to stop buying things that were unnecessary, and thus reduce some amount of waste generation. In addition to this, she also speaks of sustainable hacks.

7. Saif (@thesustainabilityguy)

The handle says it all. He is ‘the’ guy if you want to know about sustainability.

If you would like to know more about ‘identification codes on plastic items’, check out careers in sustainability, or find out about how you can cut down your food wastage, his reels are the answer. With a varied range of topics and extremely entertaining reels, Saif makes sure that learning about sustainability is extremely engaging. He has posted engaging content centered around learning more about a sustainable lifestyle. If you would like to know more about ‘identification codes on plastic items’, check out careers in sustainability, or find out about how you can cut down your food wastage, these reels are the answer.

8. Pankti Pandey (@zerowasteadda)

Her Instagram is truly a zero-waste adda of resources. From video tutorials to product swaps, easy practices, and useful guides you name it. Pankti is an advocate for not just zero-waste living but also slow fashion and minimalism. Her content is perfect for Indians as it celebrates age-old sustainable practices we have been doing and about what more can be done. She also shares natural skincare methods that were passed down in her family. Don’t forget to check out her highlights for deeper insights into all her zero-waste endeavours.

9. Kamana Goutham (@mycocktail_life)

Kamana is a nutritionist who adopts the “sustainable parenting” approach and implements sustainability in every aspect of her family’s life. She educates her children about how growing food is important in contrast to ordering it from a restaurant and teaches them about their roots, as well as concepts such as harvesting, while urging other parents to do so as well. She believes that in this day and age, it is very important to think about our environment when you consider being a parent.

10. Pallavi (@modaninja)

She is a fashion blogger and nature enthusiast whose Instagram explores the fashion industry and attempts to raise awareness of ingrained colonial exploitation and unsustainable practices. Her page consists of resources for learning how fast fashion functions and what the possible alternatives are in addition to being visually calming because it offers a glimpse of fashion via nature.

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