PotsandPans.in presents spacious square tawas for smart cooking


Why only have round tawa have best quality spacious square tawas for that edgy cooking experience.

It’s time for innovations. It’s time for the unique tawas launched by Meyer. Adhering to its promise of spoiling customers with choice, Meyer India proudly offers roti tawas and dosa tawas that are anything but round. Meet the super smart, functional and spacious square tawas by Meyer. These tawas are great to prepare your daily staple and break the old-set and never experienced norms. In fact, square tawas gives you the advantage of wider space (more breads to fit, larger dosas to prepare) then a regular round tawa. So, if you toast 2 bread loaves on a round tawa, you can toast 4 on a square tawa. The larger cooking space helps you cook more in less time and reduces your effort as well as fuel consumption.

Here are there top three bestseller square tawas that you certainly bring in your kitchen:

1. Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Square Tawa, 28 Cm


Your kitchen your rules. Infuse the best of tradition with a generous dose of innovation with this incredible tawa. Replace your regular round roti tawa with this unique and superior square tawa. This square tawa's 28 cm diameter gives you a generous surface area to cook more food. Therefore, you can prepare four sandwiches at once rather than just one or two. This tawa males cooking completely comfortable because of its innovative non-stick technology, raised and incredibly comfortable handle, and immaculate cooking performance. It is a terrific kitchen investment that will help you churn out mouth-watering flatbreads, sandwiches and more with ease.

2. Meyer Trivantage Stainless Steel Triply Cookware Open Square Tawa, 27cm


A stainless steel tawa that is anything but ordinary. This stainless steel features unique square design and numerous convenient features that makes cooking fun. The strong triply construction of this completely nickel free tawa gives it the added benefit of providing unrivalled heating for fluffy rotis. For additional comfort, the tawa's handles are firmly riveted with silicone-covered stainless steel. Additionally, this tawa has lipping all the way around it. The stainless steel dosa tawa is compatible with all types of cooktops because of its highly magnetic conductive stainless steel base. So, go ahead and create culinary wonders with the help of this wonderful tawa in your kitchen.

3. Meyer Premium Non-Stick Square Tawa 28cm (3mm Thick)


Here’s bright and beautiful cooking tool to help you prepare delicious flatbreads without any fuss! This is a great substitute for the typical round tawa. This non-stick tawa is ideal for cooking your daily staple with utmost comfort because it features a high-quality non-stick coating and a solid aluminium core for even heating. The tawa has a porcelain enamelled exterior with a scratch-resistant finish for easy and quick cleaning. With its flaming and brilliant orange colour and unique shape, this will undoubtedly be the star of your kitchen.

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