Author, Indian Producer and mediator Ms. Veera Mahajan, A woman on a mission to help women lead a peaceful life.


It is observed that while women are the ones who are known to shape the future of tomorrow, ever since the initial stage of civilization has seemed to suffer a lot. Right from having no right to education to not being entitled for their parents property, women have fased all kinds of discrimination, and while today when women have finally got their rights, we see that despite of people being educated, domestic violence can be seen on all part of the society.

When we came across Ms. Veera Mahajan, the President of Women's Wings elected by the NRI Welfare society to support her work in women empowerment globally and asked her about what is her mission, she fondly mentioned “My mission is to reach as many young girls and their mothers and teach them that their views and thoughts mattar. I want to help them believe that they deserve to be respected, and teach them the importance of loving themselves and standing up for their rights.”

During the research of her book "Domestic Abuse is Unreported Crime," of domestic abuse awareness and women empowerment she explained “With the help of mothers and schools, my dream is to teach young girls how to value themselves so that they will never allow anyone to disrespect or violate them. Because, these girls will become the next wifes, mothers, business owners, lawyers, politicians and even the commanders and Presidents of the countries. These young women need to be encouraged to dream, set goals and achieve anything their hearts desire.”

Through this exclusive chat she also mentioned that “Further to this, my vision is for women to have a real sense of freedom where they can wake up and do whatever they want to do without any fear or hesitation. My vision sees women capable, brilliant, creative and more than anything I see a beautiful new world where women are free to live in joy. That can only happen when they are free to make decisions about their life and live life on their own terms.

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