Heed fashionista Charmi Jhaveri's exclusive styling tips to become dapper


Fashion is essential in today's society, whether you're trying to be the best dressed, or just looking for a general style statement. Moreover, you have to have a solid

 knowledge of all the trends and keep your eye on the ball when dressing because mistakes can really hurt your image (or bank account).

But don't you worry, as Charmi Jhaveri is here to save both!

A fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer who is taking Instagram by storm. Among a plurality of kinds, Charmi Jhaveri's styling tips are the most iconic and you shouldn't miss them. She has never missed a chance to awe us with her amazing and highly creative outfits.

What Charmi Jhaveri does for style is nothing less than a miracle or even better, it is magic! Don't we all know that she always likes to keep it regal and elegant? Charmi Jhaveri has given us a few accessorising methods, from wearing the simplest kimono or kaftan and decorating them with massive jewellery to keeping the style modest when donning heavy designer clothes.

On her Instagram, she has also uploaded a reel talking about the must-have jewellery pieces and also showed how she styles them with different outfits. Charmi Jhaveri has also guided us on which outfit requires what type of a hairdo, what neck pattern suits which neckpiece, when to wear heels, etc. To know about each of these, slide into your Instagram and enter @charmi_jhaveri

Charmi Jhaveri offers you a lot of knowledge about dressing up according to the season and festivals. In almost every post, she has shown us the right dress to wear.

The fashion industry is sometimes referred to as "the belly of the beast," and we rely entirely on internet celebrities like Charmi Jhaveri to tell us what to wear. Now, we shouldn't be shilly-shallied while admiring her.

To date, she has collaborated with several clothing brands like Style Junkiie, Pernia's Pop-Up Shop, Aza Fashions, Amani, etc. Charmi Jhaveri is also the Kobe PR Ambassador and delights us with quality travel stories.

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