Travel Influencer Ravi Rajapaksha Explains His Experience About Sri Lankan Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ravi-Rajapaksha Ravi Rajapaksha, Sri Lankan Hot Air Balloon

Young individuals are courageous, daring, energetic, and self-confident in their abilities, which perfectly defines the inspiring character of the young travel influencer, Ravi Rajapaksha. It is most suited to introduce him as a well-famed Sri Lankan digital nomad and a travel influencer who has worked hard to earn such a reputation. Ravi Rajapaksha comes from a business background, so it is no surprise that he became a successful entrepreneur at an early age. Ravi Rajapaksha has succeeded in establishing himself as an inspiring figure while also winning the hearts of thousands of adolescents.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, a social media manager, a tour guide, a travel influencer, and a digital marketing expert, Ravi Rajapaksha is also the successful founder of SriLanka Elephant Safari, a prominent Sri Lankan travel firm that attracts tourists from all over the world. His deeds encourage the young to push their boundaries and help them become leaders, find their passion, and become a better version of themselves. As Ravi believes, "Exploring the world via adventure travel gets you closer to your "inner self," providing you with the opportunity to analyze and push yourself in ways you never imagined were possible."

A naturalist at heart, Ravi is passionate about educating others about the fascinating and engaging activities that can be done to connect with nature, such as taking a thrilling Sri Lankan hot air balloon ride. According to Ravi, a hot air balloon ride is an excellent opportunity to see nature from a different vantage point. While the majority of people have had the sense of flying in an airplane, Ravi adds that a hot air balloon ride is a totally different experience. On a hot air balloon ride, Ravi invites both locals and visitors to take in the breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscape of the Sri Lankan countryside. Especially in the Dambulla - Kandalama area, because the climate is peaceful and stable, it is ideal for flying balloons. Ravi asserts anyone who would prefer an exceptional hot air balloon ride in Sri Lanka should consider Sri Lanka Balloon - Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd. because of the unrivaled service.

"A Sri Lankan hot air balloon ride enables you to float over Sri Lanka's dramatic landscapes, world heritage sites, rivers and lakes, historic landmarks, and the stunning splendor of the country." Ravi Rajapaksha. Hot air balloon rides have been immensely popular and well-known since their advent. These adventures have been written down on bucket lists throughout the globe by many individuals. They are one of the most thrilling missions that travelers and tourists seek and enjoy nowadays. Simply glancing at the balloons above will give one an idea of how unusual the experience is and how fascinating it is to ride in those baskets oneself.

Ravi Rajapaksha claims that from the minute he stepped into the basket, he was on his way to one of the finest, if not the best, adventures of his whole life! He describes the panoramic views of splendor from above as "truly priceless," adding that the mountains were especially gorgeous, the waterways glittering with enticement, and the grasslands brimming with tranquility. As thrilling and daring as the notion of the Sri Lankan hot air balloon is, one must have a fundamental understanding of what a hot air balloon is.

First, the basket, which is a component of the hot air balloon you will be riding, will be unpacked and attached. A burner will be mounted on top of four "sticks" that fasten the basket's sides. After that, gas lines will be linked to propane tanks located within the basket. After a brief check to ensure the burner is operating properly, the basket will be attached to the balloon, named "the envelope," in advance. Then the preheated air for the hot air balloon will be extracted from a huge bag. The tapering portion of the envelope will next be fastened to the basket by hooks around the burner's perimeter. After precisely spreading out the envelope flat, it will be inflated with cold air. Following a visual inspection for holes, the balloon will be inflated. When the hot air is inflated, sandbags or hooks will be used to prevent it from bouncing about on the ground. From this point on, riders will be escorted onto the hot air balloon.

Another thing that Ravi praised about the Sri Lanka Balloon - Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd was how much they safeguarded the passengers. Their hot air balloons were spacious and had safety belts in the baskets. Following a brief security and safety training, the weight will be removed, and the burner will be turned on to lighten the air. From here, the hot air balloon will be gently propelled upwards into the air by the wind, which will cause it to fly up to three thousand feet in the air. When Ravi was asked how he felt inside the basket, his instant response was, "It felt quite hot." For him, it wasn't long before he realized how hot the burner was and that the basket in front of him was very scorching. He was presumably bracing himself for a sudden, jolting launch when he lifted off. Surprisingly, none of these occurred. After filling the hot air balloon with lighter air, the basket is gently lifted off the ground. 

This first sensation was quite weird. In the balloon, Ravi had the feeling of being in a dream, and he was pleasantly surprised by how gentle the floating experience was compared to his expectations. As soon as he got into the basket, which is normally constructed of wicker, he felt that it was a little fragile. However, once in the air, Ravi felt more secure. Additionally, Ravi remarked that he noted that you could not hear the wind from within the basket. While in the air, regardless of how anxious he had been before, he had a calm and tranquil feeling of serenity.

Flying like a bird is a long-cherished aspiration of millions of people. As someone who accomplished that goal, Ravi wants to inspire others to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. As a travel influencer, Ravi Rajapaksha urges you to soak in the breathtaking panoramas of the sun rising and setting, experience the freedom in the air, and ponder what is unfolding under your feet from a distance on a Sri Lankan hot air balloon ride. Book your magical hot air balloon ride in Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Balloon - Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd, a fully licensed operator certified by the CAASL (Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka), which is associated with the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation and other relevant ministries. Follow Ravi Rajapaksha on Instagram to stay updated on his journeys and other fascinating adventures.

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