7 reasons you need a peace lily plant in your home

There are many reasons to love indoor plants, such as lilies


People who love flowers tend to have indoor flower plants in their home. These plants are amazing, and when you know what their needs are to thrive in the home, they will not disappoint you. Studies have also been done for many of these house plants, and their amazing benefits will make you want to add more of them. There are many reasons to love indoor plants, such as lilies that come in all sorts of varieties. The peace lily stands out, not only for its low maintenance, but it is a showy plant as well. In this article, you will learn of more reasons you need to add a peace lily to your home.

1. It purifies the air 

One of the many benefits it provides to human health is it purifies the air. The home is known to have many pollutants present that causes a lot of health issues. Although many people are not aware of this as they cannot directly breathe these chemicals. Just as outdoor air, indoor air can be noxious. Therefore, by removing any sources of these pollutants and proper ventilation, you can control these harmful gases and VOCs. House plants such as peace lily’s also known as cobra plants, can be of help as well in aiding to reduce them. According to a NASA experiment, pollutants like benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde are some that a peace lily plant can absorb. Therefore, by eliminating 60% of the pollutants, in return, it makes the air suitable for breathing by adding moisture to it.

2. It’s a low maintenance house plant 


As you opt for home décor as many people are now turning to, especially indoor plants. Everyone wants one that is low maintenance that can accommodate their busy schedules. The peace lily is one amazing house plant you can choose as it still thrives even when you forget watering them. Besides, it can survive without sunlight and use just bright indoor light from the indirect sunlight. In addition to its good looks of the glossy green leaves and big white bracts, a peace lily is an amazing indoor plant due to its low requirements. Hence, most indoor plant growers pick it as an obvious choice.

3. Absorbs acetone vapors 

Other than the pollutants that come from outside as mentioned above that the peace lily plant protects as from. It also helps protect you from harmful vapors of the products you use in the home. This is from acetone and alcohol that have harmful effects on your health. Varnishes, paints, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, among others contain acetone and alcohol. The more you get exposure to these vapors, it can cause headaches, lack of coordination, low blood pressure, acetone poisoning, and lethargy. Hence, when you have a peace lily in your home, it helps keep the surrounding air in your home free from these vapors making it a healthy place for you.

4. Promotes restful sleep 


In the world, almost everyone is suffering from insomnia and poor sleep. These indoor plants provide an amazing benefit that promotes restful sleep. For this reason, it is an amazing plant for your bedroom and it is a beautiful sight as well. It helps filter the indoor air, increase the levels of humidity, helping you breathe better. Plus, it also aids in good sleep as it absorbs airborne mold spores that are common allergens. Additionally, the beauty of these plants is known to bring calmness by alleviating feelings of stress in the mind and body. It is the best bedroom plant, according to Feng Shui, as it brings positive energy and peaceful touch to the room.

5. Perfect to spruce up home décor 

Even though you are not familiar with the many health benefits of this indoor plant. Add it to your space for the beauty it adds to a room. It is a perfect inclusion to home décor. The enchanting beauty of the curved bract white flowers and its green foliage are a sight that stands out in the room. Choose a decorative pot to plant it in and make your home décor look appealing and sophisticated in every way possible. The decorative pot enhances its beauty. Place them on tables, shelves, or at a corner depending on the space in your home.

6. Prevents formation of mildew


Due to the high moisture content in washrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. It is possible to have mildew formation. This is visible on tile grout, bathroom curtains, among other places. Having a peace lily in such an environment will not only thrive, but it will prevent further mildew formation by absorbing excess moisture from the surrounding. Eventually, because of this, the dampness on the walls and the curtains reduces, and it hampers the growth of mold spores and mildew. This is amazing considering how damaging and harmful mildew and spores can be in a home.

7. Removes mold spores from the air 

In addition to removing the mildew present in high moisture rooms. The peace lily helps eliminate the mold spores in the air. It is beneficial, especially to people who are sensitive to these mold spores. For instance, the exposure to mold spores leads to eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, throat irritation, skin irritation, among others. Those with asthma, chronic lung illness have severe symptoms with this mold exposure. Fortunately, if you have a peace lily, it helps reduce mold spores in the air by eliminating them.

To sum up, the peace lily is one great flower plant among the lily family. Other than the above reasons to have it in your home. People use it as an ornamental plant for the office as well. They believe it brings good fortune, peace, hope, and prosperity that everyone seeks. Also, it is known to eliminate harmful radiation from computers and television. Hence, it is a perfect gift to someone for their space, and also for your home as well.

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