Of vital importance


The lower extremity is everything from your toes to the hips—it is an important subsystem that helps us in standing, walking and running. Providing a good stretch and strength to the host of muscles in the lower extremity is important for our wellbeing. Here is a simple technique to achieve this.


☞ Keep a chair with its seat against a wall

☞ Stand upright facing the wall, about one feet from the chair

☞ Keep the feet about three inches apart and parallel to one another

☞ Hold the top rib of the chair with both hands

☞ Raise your left leg and keep the left foot on the chair—straighten the leg

☞ Stretch the left toes towards the knee and pull the knee cap

☞ Press the left heel on the chair and push the root of the left thigh

☞ Bend the right knee, such that the angle at the knee is about 120 degrees

☞ Stay there for about 30 seconds

☞ Keep the breathing slow and steady

☞ Straighten the right knee, bring the left leg down and stand upright

☞ Change side

☞ Repeat and relax