Back in action


These days there are many people who sit for long periods of time and have poor posture habits. This directly impacts the lower back and penalises the lower body.

Here is an easy and effective posture to relax the lower back. It also improves your blood circulation.

When practised at the end of the day, it relaxes the muscles of the trunk and removes fatigue in the legs.


1. Sit upright in cross-legged position, close to the wall

2. Keep both hands at the back and lean backward

3. Fold the legs with feet on the floor and the knees upward

4. Keep the toes touching the wall and move the hips closer to the wall

5. Stretch both legs up the wall

6. Gently recline and lie on your back

7. Keep the neck at the centre and chin towards the chest

8. Spread both arms sideways with palms facing upward

9. Rest the heels on the wall and keep the legs straight

10. As you inhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should expand

11. As you exhale slowly, the abdominal cavity should contract

12. Feel the posterior surface of the lower back

13. Stay for about five minutes

14. Fold the legs, press the feet against the wall

15. Slowly push back and get up from the right side